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Skin Type: Outfits
Rarity: Common

Limelight Skin


Limelight is Apex Legends skin of Bloodhound character. The price of Limelight skin is 30 Crafting Metals. The Limelight skin changes the Bloodhound’s costume to lime color. The Limelight is one of Common skin of Bloodhound character. You can know about Bloodhound and its abilities below.


Skin Name Limelight
Rarity Common
Character Bloodhound
Skin Type Outfit
Color Lime
Skin Price 30 Crafting Metals

How to Get Limelight Skin?

You can get Limelight skin for Bloodhound character by going to the Character tab. Now select Bloodhound from Legends. Now select “Limelight” skin and click on the Unlock button. The price of Limelight skin is 30 crafting metals.


Bloodhound is a tracker in Apex Legends game. It is the most unique character in Apex Legends because it has tracking ability. The tracking ability of Bloodhound is very useful in identifying where enemies are or have been. Like Bloodhound, Every character comes with different type of skins. These Apex Legends Skins change the appearance of the character. You can check Bloodhound’s Abilities below. These Bloodhound Abilities make it one of the unique character of the Apex Legends.

“I am the hunter the Gods have sent.”

Bloodhound Trailer