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Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1

The Battle Pass has become a trend in battle royale games. The Battle Pass is first adopted by Fortnite and now many popular battle royale games are following this trend. The Apex Legends is one of them. According to our sources, Apex Battle Pass Season 1 will have cosmetic items like Outfits, Weapon Skins etc. There will be also rewards in Battle pass which will made up of Weapons skins, Outfits, Banner Poses, Banner Frames and all other game cosmetics.

The most asked question about Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass is when it is releasing. You can know the answer to this question below.

When is Apex Legends Battle Pass Releasing?

Currently, There are no official announcements from Respawn Entertainment about the release of Apex Season 1. According to DailyEsports, The Apex Legends Season one will start on 12 March 2019. We have to wait until the official announcement from Respawn Entertainment.

What is Cost Of Apex Legends Battle Pass?

Currently, There is no official information regarding the pricing of  Apex Battle pass. But according to other battle royale games, The price of Apex Legends Battle Pass should be in the range of $15 or less. You can also use your in-game currency Legend Tokens to purchase a battle pass. The Apex Legends was released on 5 February 2019 and only one month is passed so it is very difficult to purchase season 1 battle pass with Legend Tokens. If you have enough Legend Tokens then there is no problem. But If you don’t have Legend Tokens then you have purchase Apex Battle pass with real money.

What will I get in Apex Legends Season 1?

According to, You will exclusive cosmetic items and Apex Packs in a battle pass. You will not get new legends in a battle pass. You will also get new weapons and leaked L-Star likely included in Apex Season 1.

How long will Apex Legends Season 1 last?

According to Apex Legends Roadmap 2019, The Season 1 of Apex Legends will last around 3 months so season one will end on May 2019. As the start of season 1 is delayed, The Apex Legends Season 1 will end around the first week of June 2019.

Apex Legends Road Map 2019

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